Mental Health Awareness Week: Why Using A Mediator Can Reduce The Stress Of A Divorce

With ‘no fault divorce’ having come into force last month, more couples than ever are opting for mediation as a preferable route to reaching an agreement during the divorce process. Absolving the need to go to court, mediation is growing in popularity due to its increased speed, reduced cost, and diminished conflict and stress.

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week (Monday 9 May to Sunday 15 May 2022), our very own Jane Kerr collaborated with Index Digital to discuss 10 reasons why, in light of the recent law change, using a mediator instead of a solicitor can reduce the stress of a divorce.

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10 Lessons On Why Using A Mediator Can Reduce The Stress Of A Divorce

Our current adversarial legal system can be stressful, lengthy, and expensive for the separating family at a vulnerable time in their lives. That’s why we have created a tailored package of support from a range of experts including trained lawyers, child consultants, and fully accredited mediators to guide you smoothly throughout the entire divorce process, without acrimony and rising expense. For more information, get in contact today. 

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