How Much Will Family Mediation Cost?

How Much Will Family Mediation Cost?

We are authorised to provide the Government Voucher Scheme which offers separating couples, with a child under 18, up to £500 towards the cost of mediation.

The initial assessment meetings (‘MIAMs’ or ‘intake meetings’) are for a fixed fee of £150 plus VAT and usually last around 60 minutes.

Once mediation commences, we charge for the time spent in the mediation appointment(s) at an hourly rate.  The rate is £150 per person per hour plus VAT in Kent.   There are slightly higher rates for London – more information available on request.

There is no additional fee for mediation in separate spaces.

Further charges at a rate of £150 per person per hour plus VAT are made to cover the cost of work undertaken between sessions, including the drafting of formal mediation summaries of proposals reached in mediation.

The cost of family mediation is substantially less than using court proceedings to resolve family disputes.

  • Family mediation rates are generally lower than solicitors’ rates
  • The clients pay one fee between them for mediation (with the exception of the intake meetings) rather than fees to two separate solicitors to represent them in litigation
  • Issues are resolved in family mediation far more quickly than through the courts.  A typical mediation covering issues of finance and children will be concluded in 3-5 sessions, over 3 months. A typical family case resolved through the court system will take between 6 – 18 months