Benefits of family mediation

Family mediation is the quickest and the cheapest way of resolving issues when a relationship breaks down.

While the meetings can be challenging, it is also an empowering process as the clients take responsibility for the discussions and the decisions that are reached.  Mediation gives clients ownership of both the process and the outcome.

Most importantly, there are emotional benefits to mediation. It offers a safe, neutral and confidential environment in which to be heard and understood. Mediation gives clients the opportunity to part with dignity, to leave behind the struggles of the past and commit to move forward well.  This is an important outcome if there are children in the family.

All mediation at Wells Family Mediation is child-focused, so the welfare of any children will be the most important consideration in any discussion. Clients are helped to move on from being parents who live together to find a good working relationship as parents who live apart.  This is an important transition process and brings benefits to the whole family.

Compared to court proceedings, family mediation is:

  • Cheaper
  • Quicker
  • Empowering
  • With better emotional outcomes
  • More child-focused

The National Audit Office reported that family disputes resolved through mediation are cheaper, quicker and according to academic research, less acrimonious than those settled through the courts.