Legal Aid

Legal Aid

Wells Family Mediation is a private practice and we do not offer mediation funded by legal aid.

In order to qualify for Legal Aid a person has to have a weekly disposable income within the allowable limit. This is calculated by taking net income and deducting maintenance paid, housing costs, child minding costs, work expenses and fixed rate allowances for dependents.

If one client is eligible for Legal Aid then the Legal Aid Agency meets the entire cost of his or her mediation and that client is not required to repay any mediation costs at any time. If one of the clients is not eligible, then the introductory assessment meeting and the first mediation session is also free to that person, but no further meetings are covered.

There is an eligibility calculator on the website or go straight to:

On the FMA and FMC websites there are lists of mediation firms who practice Legal Aid in this area.