Who is Family Mediation for?

Who is it for?

Family mediation is for anybody who has conflicts concerning their family that need to be resolved. They may be about children, parenting, finances, or general struggles to make good decisions at a difficult time.

We see:

  • Husbands and wives who are separating or divorcing
  • Couples who have been cohabiting and are separating
  • Parents who divorced or separated some time ago and are having continuing issues with their ex partner about their child or children
  • Parents of children who have never lived together but need to resolve issues concerning their child or children
  • Civil partners who are separating
  • Gay couples who have cohabited but who do not have a Civil Partnership
  • Extended family members who have issues that need resolving (for example grandparents and a son or daughter-in-law)
  • Family mediation is voluntary. The only requirement is that both sides are willing to mediate