No Time to Fight: No-Fault Divorce Coming into Effect April 2022

On 6th April, no-fault divorce will be coming into effect in England and Wales. The new Divorce Act will allow couples to end their marriage jointly, rather than needing to apportion blame to the other party.

With the current system, couples are required to prove one of the five grounds for divorce. For decades, this has coerced couples into feeling the need to apportion blame to their partner, resulting in a more hostile divorce process. By removing this requirement, the new Act is designed to encourage a more collaborative approach to divorce.

The introduction of no-fault divorce is long overdue. However, legislative change alone is not enough to protect children from the effects of family breakdowns. The Family Solutions Group is urging the government to do more to put child welfare at the centre of family separation. One way this can be achieved is by reframing our national vocabulary to eliminate the combative subtext that is still so prevalent during the divorce process.

In a comment released today, Helen Adam, one of the founders of The Wells Group and chair of the Family Solutions Group says:

“We can no longer ignore the mental health risks for children and parents by framing all family separations as legal disputes. If the only provision on offer is one which pits parents against each other during a time of already heightened emotions, then we are simply adding fuel to the fire of separation.

Some families need the robust protection of a court order but most families need a safe space to talk rather than the boxing ring. Now is the time for change. It’s time for a gentler, more relational approach for the many thousands of families who separate each year.”

You can read the full article here.

Here at The Wells Group, we are committed to ensuring the best outcomes for children when parents separate. That’s why we offer all families an invitation for child inclusive mediation as part of our divorce process. For more information, speak to a professional today.