Family Mediation

Mediation gives people the chance to explain their concerns and needs to each other in the presence of a professional mediator, with the aim of finding a mutually acceptable solution.

The process is voluntary, confidential and is also future-focused. At WFM we help clients move on from the difficulties of the past to find their own solutions for the future.

As mediators we are neither judges nor legal advisors; we are neutral, independent, specialist professionals who help clients to have a difficult conversation and find their own way forward.  We provide a safe and informed process for clients to be heard and understood, and to reach their own agreement.

Mediation deals with legal issues and works well when clients have legal advice from solicitors in the background. We encourage our clients to seek legal advice at an appropriate stage in the mediation to ensure they are fully informed about their position and they can use mediation as the place to discuss the issues and reach agreements. Those agreements can then be turned into legally binding documents by a solicitor.

Thank you for all you have done to make a very sad and painful process somewhat less painful.

Our communication is no longer aggressive, and is far more understanding.