About WFM

WFM is a family mediation practice based in Tunbridge Wells, with additional offices in Tonbridge, Sevenoaks, Bromley and Kings Hill. It is run by experienced and specialist family mediators, three of whom used to practice as solicitors. All three partners are FMC accredited and are qualified to offer Child-inclusive mediation.

Family mediation works well alongside advice and support for the clients from other professionals.  We have good links with many local solicitors, as well as pension experts, IFAs, counsellors and those running Divorce Recovery seminars.  Our practice is committed to working alongside those offering legal and other professional advice to our clients.

In addition to seeing clients from Kent annd East Sussex in our local offices, we also work one day a week in Central London.


I personally found your knowledge of family law very insightful and clarifying

It was a very useful process on many levels, including practical, emotional and obviously financial. Helen was great.