Time for Climate Change in the Family Justice System

How does a family justice system, with 150 years of legal development behind it, reduce adversity? Is it even possible?

Our founding partner, @HelenAdam3, Chair of the Family Solutions Group, was invited to deliver this lecture at the Family Justice Council conference. She commented: ‘An adversarial system for separating families is a bit like the carbon combustion engine; thought to be a useful vehicle for dealing with a family breakdown when it evolved but we now know it’s harmful. Other safer ‘greener’ methods are urgently needed.’ You can read the full speech below:

Bridget Lindley Memorial Lecture 2022

Here at The Wells Group, we are committed to ensuring the best outcomes for children when parents separate. That’s why we offer all families an invitation for child inclusive mediation as part of our divorce process. For more information, speak to a professional today.