Parenting during Covid-19 restrictions

In these highly unusual and uncertain times, communicating effectively as co-parents is more crucial than ever.  We recognise that the possible lock down enforced by some other European countries may be extended to the UK, and this will have a huge impact on child arrangements.  With financial pressures and general uncertainty this is of course an extremely unsettling time for separated parents and their children.
All but the youngest of children will have lifetime memories of this Covid-19 crisis, and the way in which parents manage this will impact the way their memories are shaped.  Now is the time to pull together as a team to ensure the safety of all within the family, whilst encouraging and supporting each other as parents to keep in regular contact with children.   Skype, Facetime and other online mediums will become critical at this time.
This will be a challenging time for many families and, more than ever, parents are to be encouraged to lay aside differences and work together to support each other.  In the hurly burly of news reports and changing landscapes, we must be mindful of the strain that this is for many around us, including our children of course and the other parent.
We at Wells Family Mediation can offer telephone information, as well as pre mediation assessment meetings online, for anyone who is interested in mediation and located within the Kent and East Sussex areas.
Take good care of yourselves and each other during this difficult time.