Mediation at WFM is totally child-focused.  Whether discussing property, pensions or where to live, the welfare of any child of the family is always a primary focus.  The goal is to support parents to reach decisions that will enable them to move on well and make a good transition from parents who live together to parents who live apart but who have a successful 'shared parenting' relationship.

The way in which issues are dealt with following a relationship breakdown will have a large impact on the parenting relationship for the future.   The research is clear that children are affected by parental conflict and where they experience 'split parenting' for the rest of their childhood.  Our aim in mediation is to support couples to resolve things in such a way that their children will experience  successful ‘shared parenting’ for the rest of their childhood, even though the two parents will have completely independent personal lives.

There is an increasing move by all professions within the Family Justice System to hear 'the voice of the child'.  It is widely recognised that, in many situations, it is in the children’s interests for their voice to be heard.  At WFM, we offer children the opportunity to speak about their wishes and feelings in a private meeting with a specially trained mediator. 

We recommend looking at the website 'Voices in the Middle' for further reading about how children experience parental separation.

Mutual parenting is the best that can be made for children out of parental separation - Penelope Leach

I can't thank you enough for all your help. It always felt safe being with you and you have really enabled us to move forward through this grim and depressing process. I honestly believe that we now have a good chance of proceeding in an amicable way, that hopefully in time will become a friendship with the children at its core. I do not think we would have achieved this through solicitors, and feel a huge gratitude for your patience and gentleness.