Child-inclusive mediation

At WFM our focus is to put children’s needs first.  In assisting parents to arrive at good decisions for their children’s arrangements, we offer an option where the children meet separately with a specially trained mediator.  This is called ‘Child Inclusive Mediation’.

Child Inclusive Mediation gives children of a suitable age the opportunity to express their feelings and wishes for the future.  It also reassures them that their parents are taking their views seriously, although it is made clear to them that they are not being given the power to make decisions, just to say what they think and feel about their situation. The mediator will check with the children exactly what they wish to be fed back to the parents.  The mediator will then have a separate meeting with the parents at which the children’s views are reported back to them. 

Key points about talking to children in mediation:

  • Both parents must give their consent
  • Children do not have to attend if they don’t want to
  • Children can be seen individually or together, whichever they prefer
  • Children’s confidentiality is respected at all times, unless a serious risk of harm is shown to exist
  • The mediator will agree with the children what views may be fed back to the parents
  • Those views are fed back to the parents at a separate meeting

Child Inclusive Mediation offers children a safe and neutral space to be heard.  The children’s true desires can then be taken into account when making decisions about any future child arrangements.  Many families have found this to be an invaluable process.

We have qualified mediators who can see your children as part of the couples mediation process or alternatively as a ‘one-off’ session. 

We charge a special rate of £120 plus VAT for this service. 

Thanks for all your help... We are talking a lot more and generally getting on much better, we even stood next to each other at rugby AND are going to Parents Evening together!