What our clients say

'You have a real talent for what you do and I have been endlessly impressed by your ability to guide, negotiate and come up with ideas and suggestions to help us reach a mutually acceptable conclusion'

'Yesterday was so positive and dynamic - thank you SO MUCH for your work with us!  We were really pleased that we'd made contact with you.'

‘This is the only civilized way to sort our money out. I have been selling mediation to all my friends.’

'It's fair to say I was terrified of yesterday but you were fantastic. I came out of our session feeling much better so thank you very much.'

'She [the mediator] was neutral, had a good manner, but guided the conversation/negotiation with real purpose.  She was excellent.'

"I just wanted to say thank you.  You have helped immensely in the way you have managed the mediation sessions between us and I am in your debt. It's been a very difficult process for me personally but your kind but focused approach has helped bring clarity and calm in the amongst my tears and heartache, and most importantly I think we have reached as best as possible conclusion for the children. Thank you for helping us on that journey."

‘We really valued the wonderful job you did with us.’

‘Thank you for your help in getting us to this point, especially the clarity you brought to the process and the empathy you showed at the two meetings in your offices.’

‘I can't thank you enough for all your help. It always felt very safe being with you and you have really enabled us to move forward through this grim and depressing process. I honestly feel that we now have a good chance of proceeding in an amicable way that hopefully in time will become a friendship with the children at its core. I do not think we would have achieved this through solicitors, and feel huge gratitude for your patience and gentleness.’

‘I was extremely impressed by the professionalism of [the mediators] who were always very impartial, considerate, patient and incredibly understanding. I am extremely grateful for all the help they both gave us and helped us to come to a mutually agreeable settlement.’

‘Many thanks for our last session and for the documents you have sent.  Your kindness, experience and joint-working approach is just what we hoped for.  It was extremely helpful to be talked through the figures you helped us with, and at a pace I could follow!’

‘I just wanted to express my thanks for the way you held the sessions. I feel we can now move on in our parenting relationship with a much clearer understanding of our responsibilities. Not only towards [our child] but to each other as his mother and father.’ 

‘I would like to thank both yourself and Andy for the time you have spent in achieving in 4 hours, what we never achieved in 4 months. I think it is by far a much better process than solicitors and court.’

‘Many thanks for all your efforts, your patience etc. [My ex] and I continued the conversation we started in the last session and we have agreed directly between us on a settlement. On a personal note I’d like you to know that I’d highly recommend you to anyone else in this unpleasant situation.’

‘I am grateful we were able to emphasise the importance for both parents not to speak negatively about the other parent in front of the children, as this is a major source of hurt for them.’

‘What we achieved in our sessions would have taken years through solicitors. Thank you for your help.’

‘It was a very useful process on many levels, including practical, emotional and obviously financial. Helen was great.’

‘I am relieved to have been able to express my goodwill in the handling of our relationship, since my previous attempts by email seem always to have been interpreted in a negative way.’

‘I hope the addition of this new framework of understanding and clarification of our positions, roles and responsibilities as responsible adults as well as parents will enable us to break down the wall between us. We can now move forward to a place of calm, peace and healing, being the best parents we can be for [child] and ultimately his personal growth, health and well being.’

‘I personally found your knowledge of family law very insightful and clarifying.’

‘If we had a similar situation again, mediation would be at the forefront of our minds as an option that would bring about an amicable solution.’

“Our communication is no longer aggressive, and is far more understanding”

‘I would like to thank you for your skills, understanding, neutrality and positivity during the mediation.’

‘Thank you for your special skills and the way you use them.’

‘Thank you for all you have done to make a very sad and painful process somewhat less painful!’

Your session seems to have brought about the possibility of an amicable resolution for this divorce through a collaborative process, which will hopefully be a less stressful way of settling things.’

'Helen did more in 4 hours than our lawyers had done in 1 year.  For that I am very grateful.'

"Thank you for your care for us both in helping us through this painful process."

‘Mediation is a very emotive forum, but it allowed us to calmly reach a solution to our (at times) insurmountable problems - I cannot praise the mediators enough for their efforts.’

‘They [the mediators] were the calm in the storm.’

‘Thank you for staying with us as we try to work through so many hard issues.’

‘Thanks for all your help Helen and Andrew…   We are talking a lot more and generally getting on much better, we even stood next to each other at rugby AND are going to Parents evening together!’

'I just wanted to say thank you; you have helped immensely in the way you have managed the mediation sessions between [my ex] and I.'

'I found your approach and sessions very helpful and would have no hesitation in recommending your services.'  

'I would like to thank you for your skills, understanding, neutrality and positivity during the mediation.'

'You bring such clarity, order and kindness which goes a bit amiss when we try and discuss things on our own together.'

'You continue to make a very stressful situation more tolerable in a calm and balanced manner.'

'It was great to work with someone so dynamic and positive.'

'You were very professional towards both of us for which I very much appreciate'

'Has mediation been helpful for your parenting relationship? – Very much so'

'Would have no hesitation in recommending Wells Family Mediation to others.' 

'I found you professional at all times, you listened and you allowed us each to speak without being interupted.  You encouraged us to see each other’s point of view and was considerate of xxx’ and my feelings at this difficult time.'

 'I also would like to thank you both for your practical help and for creating such a helpful environment for the conversation.'

'The mediation has been a really helpful way for us to understand and discuss all the possibilities there for us.  It's so much better to go through this process together in a calm and neutral setting, rather than being defensive at home or seeing a solicitor individually.  You've been a great adviser on a tricky topic and the meetings were really productive! I'm so glad we have gone through mediation.'

'You are a star, thank you. I was incredibly uplifted by yesterday, you are doing amazing work.'

'I am very grateful to Helen for the positive, supportive and productive way in which she ran the mediation.'

'I would wholeheartedly recommend Nikki Brauer.  I appreciated her focus on getting to an agreement and helping us through some tough rough patches.'

'I would recommend anyone to go straight into mediation rather than finding a solicitor first. There is not much a solicitor can do in the first phase other than advise you on what you can find on the internet.'

'We both found our session very helpful and would like to thank you for making a difficult process so positive'. 

'We're thrilled to have this horrid season behind us and are very grateful indeed for your input and support to us along the road.'

'I would like to echo xxxx's sentiments in you helping us come to an agreement. It is such a relief and I feel we can now both completely focus on our boys.'

'Jane was very understanding and helpful, and was very professional in her advice and care.'

'I'd like to add how happy we both have been with your service Nikki.  Thank you for all your help and support and guiding us through the challenges.'

'I did find the session useful. You (Juliette) were very informative, patient and empathetic in listening to such a complex situation, so thank you.'

'Overall I would highly recommend Helen and am very grateful for how instrumental she has been in helping to accelerate bringing our matters to a conclusion.'